Butterfly Portrait Stand

A bit of an old project that I never got around to sharing. I find it amazing how this machine can create some of the most delicate features! This is a stand for the mirror etch portraits that I occasionally give as gifts. (I think I usually use these with 4.5" square mirrors, but they probably work with a number of different objects.) Made from 1/4" black walnut. (If you’ve never lasered black walnut, you absolutely should! It smells fantastic!)

I pushed that fine detail a little too far on the smaller butterflies, but it still looked great. I finished it with a bronze spray paint on this piece to hide the tell-tale black laser edges.


That is indeed lovely. Nice work!


Ohhhh … very pretty! It is amazing to see such fine detail on a project … just beautiful!


Is this a free file? If so can someone post it .

It’s against forum rules to ask for files. If the person who creates it wants to offer it for free (personal use only), they will post it in the free laser designs category.


Unfortunately, I did not create the butterfly artwork (purchased a license to use it), so I am unable to share the file.

Update: I did do a quick search on Pixabay, and a search for “Tribal butterfly” will yield similar artwork to what I used on this piece. From there, it is a pretty easy task to create a stand to fit whatever object you are looking to make this for. (These joints are overlapping by half of the height, so you just make slots as wide as your material up to half of the height.)


Ok thank you