Button blinks but doesn't print

Got my GF and it printed once after having to hold down the button since it didn’t do anything by kist pushing it once.
Second time trying to print and doesn’t work at all. tried restarting several times but nothing.
sent several emails to support but no reply yet! Extremely frustrated for it being late in the first place and now its just sitting here not being used! A brand new machine and paid so much and now it doesn’t work!

Can you share a screenshot of the interface and what you are seeing? After you click print in the interface, what happens? Does your machine show “no artwork”?

When you send an email to support you get an automated response almost instantaneously - if you have not received that than either your email is blocked for them, or theirs is blocked for you. Check your spam folder, and whitelist @glowforge.com. Generally you will receive a personalized response within 24 hours of receiving the automated one. Sending multiple emails just slows down their response - as does posting here since each one opens a duplicate ticket that must be found, verified, and closed before they can respond to your actual problem.

Now, if you didn’t receive the automated response and you have whitelisted and checked your spam and you still don’t have a response, posting here is good because it will let them know that you are not receiving their emails.

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It would help if you described what happens in better detail:

You like the artwork and hit Print on the GFUI, and after the routine to prepare the print, the button starts blinking, as your title indicates.

Does the head move? Does the interface show the job is running (timer going to zero) and the cool down and back to ready routine? And then you don’t see anything on your material?

IF this is what’s happening, check the power setting for the job. I’ve had times when the power has been at 0! (no idea why, and has been a while & don’t remember the situation).

And note that after you press the blinking button, if you hit the button again, the job is paused, and the head stops moving. When you press the button again, the job resumes…

But if you hit Print in the GFUI, and the button blinks, and you press it, and the the does NOT move, then that’s something I’ve never encountered before and I hope you get some other ideas and resolution soon.

it printed before and the no error appears. Its a simple star cut only. The printer shows its online and ready and shows the time for the print and says press the button.

the button glows white and blue but when I press it nothing happens.

makes me wonder if there is some kind of connection problem. you have opened a support ticket and if you post what day/time you had this happen(close not necessarily exactly) they can pull the log and pinpoint the problem quicker!

good luck

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.