Button is red

I found a closed post on this but am wondering, since it is Saturday and apparently there is no tech support available, if somebody else has had this problem. When we turned our Glowforge on this morning, the button is red. I’m quite annoyed as our GF is only 3 months old. We turned it off and waited about an hour. Turned it back on thinking maybe it had been a glitch, but no, it is still red. Anyone have any ideas? We unplugged and replugged but no luck. Still red.

Can you confirm… Red or Orange? Orange indicates temps out-of-spec (too hot or too cold). Red? Well, sorry, I don’t think I’ve seen red.

100% red

Understood. Well, working under the obvious “red = bad” I think you’ll want to hear from Support on this one. They can look at your logs and see what’s happened. Hopefully steer you in a way that can get you up and running quickly.

Also, not sure how you’ve come to this…

I’ve seen Support respond on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays even.
Maybe you were just referring to the live chat.

I just thought nobody was there as we emailed them awhile ago with our logs. I’m just frustrated. I have work to do so not even a matter of I can’t play with new design ideas - I have a couple orders to fill. Thanks, Tom.

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Standard response is three business days. Often they will respond sooner but they are very busy at this time of year.

I’ve never seen anyone have a red button before, but a quick search does show one from last year: The Button is RED

Thanks for the link. I emailed our log to them. Hoping to hear from them tomorrow with a solution.

So it sounds like you already have a case open about this and they’ve asked for logs? Have they said anything else?

That can slow your progress a little since now you’ve opened another case about the same issue. They have to dedup the cases before proceeding.

My son emailed them the log after we read a closed post when someone else had the same issue. I didn’t realize I was opening a ticket by posting on the community board. I was hoping someone would have an answer so I could fix our GF and I could work today.

And no, we haven’t heard anything yet. Hoping to tomorrow.

As I said above, standard response is three business days.

OK. That makes sense. Usually they don’t ask for logs unless your unit isn’t communicating with the internet. Otherwise, your unit sends logs all the time and they just look at the logs they already have from your machine. And, of course, it could be that your unit isn’t communicating. So let’s look at that possibility…

Try bouncing your wireless router. Then log into it so you can see what devices are connected. Refresh that list a couple of times since it’ll take a minute for the devices to reconnect after you’ve bounced the router. You should not see the Glowforge in that list. Although, depending on the router, you may see it as a devices that has connected, but not currently connected.
Then… Turn on your Glowforge. Give it a minute. Refresh that list again. See if you see your Glowforge connected.

IF it’s not… I wonder if you can get it reconnected by going back into WiFi setup mode. You do that by (from a powered off state) turning on the machine, then pressing and holding the button until it turns blue (usually around 10 seconds). If you can, try going through the WiFi setup process again and see what happens.

Have you tried operating the GF? The only other case I’m aware of was caused by a problem with the LED, otherwise everything worked fine.

Happy football Sunday! So we just got an email from tech support. They reviewed our log and said nothing looked out of the normal. They asked a couple more questions which my son answered and now will wait to hear back from them.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions and help. I’ll post what the solution is once we know. Tom, we have not bounced the router as of yet - we were just getting ready to do it when we got the email from support. John, we did run it twice for two small prints but then we realized that the button was staying red so we stopped using it, being concerned we might cause damage.

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There have been a few instances where the actual LEDs underneath the button didn’t work quite right, but all systems were nominal. In these cases no software error warnings or other things. Can’t tell you to use it though. As suggested, maybe try setup again and see if you can get that blinking teal button of hope. Did support say not to do anything, just wait?

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I’m sorry you ran into trouble with your Glowforge. I’m glad to see that support was able to assist you via email. I’m going to close this thread. If you run into trouble again, or have any additional questions, please post a new topic here on the forum or email us at support@glowforge.com and we’ll be happy to help!