Button is yellow and the lasertube isn't lighting

I turned on my glowforge this morning to a yellow button, the printerhead isn’t moving at all and the laser tube isn’t lighting please help me

Welcome to the forum Ken,
have you made sure that the fan is clean? - when was the last time you cleaned the laser?
I think you should do a good cleaning to your glowforge, and see if we can start eliminating things!

(forum member, NOT tech support)

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I cleaned it last wednesday and again after i saw the light

AHA! a CLue!!!

ok, take the laser head off, make sure the pins are straight, and clean (swab em gently with a dry Q-tip) plug the cable back in, did it make a ‘click’ when it connected? wiggle it see if its seated firmly… and lets see what happens!


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The there is no movement at all in the laser tube, the printer head doesn’t even move like it normally does when you 1st turn it on either

Hmm… ok, so its not even doing a ‘self check’ – stand by then, a real tech should send you a message …

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thank you for trying to help me out i really appreciate it

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DO NOT swap the pins with a q-tip. This is an excellent way to bend the pins. I recommend waiting for support to look at the logs for the next step.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.