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i do have some double sided tape… i’ll have to research that spray glue… hmmm :thinking: thanks again!

how long have you been a Glowforger?

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I’m from the pre-order stage. My first one came home December of 2017 :slight_smile: My first laser!

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oh my! (gutsy) I’m always one who worries about all the bugs, so i usually don’t jump in that fast, especially on something like this…

your first? you have more? one project at a time is keeping me busy. lol

I come from a long line of early adopters :stuck_out_tongue: It’s in my blood!

I had my first one exchanged. I thought something was wrong with the WiFi connector, but it turned out I was a dumb ass. Somebody got a great refurbished machine after mine made it back to them :slight_smile:


oops! oh well… you helped make a crafter very happy :blush:

I’m certainly glad to make your acquaintance!

I’ve been a crafter at heart since my early days. sadly, for many, many years, i had no one to get instruction from and the booklets i was able to get just didn’t give me all the info i needed… and Google wasn’t around back then :joy::roll_eyes: I’ve been learning crafts, one after the other. and loving it, of course!

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This era of “there’s a YouTube/TikTok/Video/etc. video of that” has been especially powerful for crafters!