BYU Game Table Inlay

My father wanted an inlay for a game table he is building. He is a huge BYU Cougars fan, so here is what I came up with:

The inlay pieces are proofgrade cherry, maple, and walnut plywood. He will make a cutout in the tabletop to house them. Here are a few detailed pics:

Of note, the dimensions of the border are 14.5 x 21 inches. I was able to get a little extra length by cutting them on the diagonal with minimal waste. Here is a pic from the GFUI; though
I’m not sure what is actually on my bed right now.


Great job! Did you kerf adjust those pieces or is that just a tight fit? (That kind of thing is hard to kerf adjust.)


Nice inlays! So cool how the accuracy of a laser makes that work easy, as compared to a coping saw.

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This is a great addition for your father’s table. The different woods work together very well.


Wow, that looks great!


Great job on that! He will have a unique piece that he’ll treasure for a lifetime.


Wow, great job on the inlay!!!


Dad must have been very happy.


Looks amazing!

I certainly tried to adjust for kerf. It worked really well in come places, and not well in others. Below is a pic of the center medalion held up to the light. Looking at the Y, the fit is pretty tight. However, around the cougar, is it really loose in places. The same process was used for each piece. I imagine it has to do with the complexity of the edge and I’d welcome any advice or tips for working around it.


That would be it. Less complexity is the only known solution. Basically, gentle curves and no sharp angles, except right angles.

Vector graphic editors were designed with print and video display as their goal, not laser cutting. How are your coding skills?


How did you adjust for the kerf? What design program did you use?

I have had very good success using an expanded stroke width and then converting to paths.