Cable is cut


Out for now. Back whenever they fix the blasted thing. :angry:






grrr. good luck.


A time for introspection, I think…:pensive:




Oh man, the symptoms of withdrawal that manifest when my access goes down gives me sharp focus of just how dependant I am on it.
Like running water or electrical service, when they go down, you can believe a group of people are focused on restoring it.


The worst is how far behind in reading posts on here when I’m not actively checking. It’s like you people know when I have work and sleep(or Internet is down) and do all your posting then.


Right? the quickest way to get a fast and furious thread going on something I love is to head to work or go to bed.


Not having access to the forum is definitely not fun! Hope you get back on soon!!


I’m back, and playing catch-up like you would not believe…they’ve got construction on the road at the entrance to the subdivision, they’re widening it and re-digging the ditches for the water mains, and they keep cutting the stupid cable with their machinery.

This is the third time in as many months. Didn’t take them quite as long to fix it this time, so I guess they’ve got the repair crew on standby now. Chuckle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah.:smiley:. the forum was temporarily Squee-less. lol


Oh, there’s plenty around…:wink:

Worst is that it takes out everything…phone, tv, internet. I had to resort to housework. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is totally unacceptable…lmao


At least I got a couple tons of supplies stashed away. Now I can actually see tabletop again! (No small feat.) :+1:


It’s looking like the snowstorm will take out the power here before the evening is out. It just blinked out for a second. That won’t help me get caught back up.


Oh no! Stay warm! :worried:


Thanks. Fortunately, the gas fireplace works without power. Just no TV, Internet, or lights if it goes out.


Got the makings for some s’mores? :wink:


I would have just taken a nap. :joy: