Cactus Stands

Not everyone needs a cactus stand … but, my daughter-in-law is throwing a couples bridal shower for her sister and fiance. They love tacos … and he popped the question in Mexico. So, she is making the theme of the party … Fiesta!

She requested I make 10 standing 3D cactus from the Silhouette Studio store. Ok, well, after printing the cardstock, then cutting it out on the Silhouette Cameo, and then matching the reverse to all three pieces … I wasn’t happy to find you could barely get them through the little cardstock stand. UGH!

So, I did one that day, then I did another the next day … in other words … just really didn’t want to do it! Was awake during the night last night … had a brainstorm. We have a Glowforge!

Tried cardboard for a simple line slot. Tried again with the lines a little longer. Ok … decided to switch to little rectangles crossing. Perfect. Painted some cardboard … and duplicated to 10. Done! So much easier in function. 30 minutes of time (did have to wait on the paint to dry, after all).

Yesterday I made the card to go with the gift … and yes, it’s a little cheesy!



Best part is … she will re-use them for her daughter’s first birthday party, later in August. Llamas! Of course, it will require a llama card.


Great ‘save’ and they are adorable. And now you don’t have that stand issue hanging over your head. You can move on to bigger and funner things. :grinning: And I’m a sucker for cheesy…the cards are SO cute, too!


Widen the slots! Brilliant! (And the cards are adorable, not cheesy. Well, I guess they both do have cheese…okay, yeah they’re cheesy.) :smile:


I kept thinking you were going to say you started over and made the cactus out of MDF. :smiley:


Awwwwww, super cute project, and good on you for pulling out the win.

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You know when she asked … I thought … wouldn’t they be cooler out of neon acrylic? Did she forget we have a laser? Hmmm. Still tempted to do a couple!


Do it!! I want to see what you are talking about…my mom lives in AZ and that would be perfect for her girls when they come over for cards!