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Can you import designs from Autodesk AutoCAD, and have the Glowforge cut out the design?

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Yes (welcome!) but it’s not without some challenges.

There are lots of threads on this:

I’d suggest getting a drink and a snack and digging in, all the answers are already here. :slight_smile:



Lots of data on this, short answer is it can be done.
I managed to slice an object into 12 discrete parts using my cad program and it came out okay. At the very least, it was a lot faster than 3D printing it.
Then I later found out there are better (less manual) ways to do it. Poke around, since this urge has been in demand for a long time.
(disclaimer - It may well depend on how complicated the item is).
Here is an instructable on it.



I use AutoCAD for anything requiring precise measurements, like templates. You can set your layers so they are specific to cut, engrave etc.

Plot your drawing as an Adobe PDF, Scale 1:1 in paper space. I also set up my sheets for 11X17 to allow for reduced dimensions on most uncertified materials.

Hope that helps.

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Exactly what I do. I have a template file I start all new designs with and it has a set of colored layers along with a 11.5x19 rectangle to act as a guide for a cuttable area (this is obviously an estimate - the interface will show you exact based on material). This template has served me incredibly well over the years of designing in CAD for the GF

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