Cad features

@dan ,
As somebody who uses CAD/CAM on a daily basis I’m surprised our interface doesn’t include at least some of the basic functions you see in almost any control software like patterning, mirroring, scale by factor etc. Do you plan to add any of these in the future? Would make things easier for me anyway. Thanks!


but the GFUI isn’t a design program like CAD/CAM. it’s essentially a print driver in a browser interface.


If they did that, then everyone would have to learn that, rather than just use a design app of their choice, as it is now.

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Agreed, but it is very cool that the UI sports some design elements like free scaling, rotation, copy/paste, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing for pull out guides and others that would be handy for those times when I wasn’t smart enough to accomplish something in the design software. :roll_eyes:


i get it. and there are some “would be nice” features. i just think comparing the GFUI to any kind of design program isn’t really the right kind of comparison.

comparing it to a print driver combined with a RIP, some of which have some of those features, makes more sense to me. that’s more in line w/how i’ve seen at least the universal control panel work (it literally is driven by the print driver).

but it’s not ever going to be a design program, so i think we should avoid those comparisons.

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I agree. I just appreciate the ability that was built in. Pretty nimble driver.

These aren’t design features. Having the ability to pattern multiple cuts or mirror them is a cutting feature that I think we should have. They exist as standard in any other cutting software I’ve used be it a Flow waterjet or plasma cutter etc.

Not GF specific so slightly off-topic, but I use Mach 3 to control my plasma - I know how to mirror in it but do you know how I can pattern multiple cuts in Mach?

i can’t speak to every other cutter out there. i can speak to the universal control panel for universal cutters, since i use that. i can’t find any way to mirror or scale. there is imposition of multiples of the same cut. GF can kind of do that with copy/paste, they just don’t have it automated and with automated spacing.

i think part of what was confusing about your original post is you talked about it in terms of design software (CAD/CAM) and not in terms of print driver/RIP, which is more about the kinds of things you’re asking for. and this is one of the things i think confuses a lot of users. you can easily do all of that in any decent design program, whether it’s CAD/CAM or illustrtation.

print drivers/RIPs/control panels for devices, however, implement varying levels with varying degrees of control of all of those things. i agree that it would be nice to have some basic scaling by size or %, rotating by degree, imposition, etc.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.