Cake decorating made simple


First off, I know some gorgeous cakes, cookies, truffles, etc have been displayed here. I am all thumbs; but I am going to share anyway.

My son wanted a unicorn cake for his 7th birthday. ( he has older sisters.)


The stencil idea is cool, and nothing beats sprinkles! Well done :slight_smile:


Now I want cake. With sprinkles! :smile:


No disclaimers needed.

(whoops, couldn’t find the image I was looking for. These will have to do in its place:)



Ok, these too.

Bonus detailed instructions for folding the origami unicorn from bladerunner:


Really like that “Partners in Science” one…I’ve often suspected such.


Math is your friend :slight_smile:


Math is a universal language, it doesn’t matter which galaxy you live in. :sunglasses:


Or you’re from :slight_smile:

Didn’t we find out there were aliens here recently? Or robots?


Alas, poor Yorik1000! I knew him, @jamesdhatch , a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.


Love for unicorns knows no bounds. Well done mom! :slight_smile:

This is my Zombie Apocalypse fighting Unicorn dog named Boone :slight_smile:
( I blurred it in case someone doesn’t want a youngster to see a weapon.)


Yes! Combining unicorns and cake? These are the ideas that the world needs right now! :unicorn::cake::yum::yum:


This thread is burning up all my likes!


after all…sprinkles ARE for winners! :sunglasses: