Those Teal Squeals are pretty hard to beat…I get very partyish when I have one, but bourbon would do as well. :smile:


I periodically come by to wish people happy cake because I see a slice by their avatar.
Clearly that isn’t going to work this week.
Happy Cake Day to you who make this community, and whose day is this one.



Noooooooo! Not that miserable clown again! :smile:


He’s this generation’s Jim Nabors. :blush:


He actually is Jim Nabors. That’s why the clown costume.


Oh! My dad had a Jim Neighbors album. I think it was this one.


In my youth, I wasn’t impressed, now I can appreciate his talent. Still wouldn’t seek out his music though.

Happy cake day to all those celebrating


He’ll always be Gomer Pyle to me. :smile:


Hahaha! This is SO funny!


Happy Cake day @tom


Is it just me or are there just a whole bunch of birthdays in October!?


Happy birthday! :grinning::balloon::tada::birthday:


Going to see him perform tonight. :clown_face:


That would be cool


Well October - 40 weeks = January… and people had to do something before their Glowforges arrived in order to keep warm. :slight_smile:


:musical_score::notes:Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear @davidgal2

Happy birthday to you :notes:


Happy Birthday @davidgal2 ! :grinning::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkles::birthday::candy::lollipop:


Happy 2nd Day of the Cake @cynd11!!! :smile::champagne::gift::birthday::balloon::gift_heart::whale::bouquet:


And a very happy Cakeday to @ylene and @iliketomakestuff and belated Cakeday wishes to everyone I missed last week. :wink:



Wow! The Cake Days just keep marching on. Happy happy to you all!