Thanks guys! I should be thanking all of you for all you’ve done for me. :wink:


Oh, our illustrious Jules! Here’s looking to many more cake days for you and for us all! We’re so glad you’re around.


It seems like only yesterday :wink:


Tardis. :wink:


Been waiting to post so that you get ‘Happy Cakeday!’ throughout the day.

Happy Cakeday Jules!


Thank you! (Good thing it wasn’t the real thing, I’d be a couple pounds heavier tonight!!) :smile:


Wow, I missed @jules cakeday! I wonder if she got any of this mysterious delicacy that I have been waiting for…


Nope - no cake. (The cake is a lie.) :wink:


That’s just what someone would say when trying to keep it all for themselves :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Happy birthday @jbpa!


Try the pie :pie:


Happy Birthday @Tom_A!


It’s the day! Happy birthday Tom! :grinning:


Happy cakeday @Tom_A , just noticed while reading a response in another thread.


Happiest of birthdays to you @Tom_A!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get spoiled. :grinning:


@julybighouse, @Jules, @tbelhumer, @smcgathyfay,

Thanks, guys! It’s official… I’m closer to 50 than 40 now. :slight_smile:

Working, as always. :slight_smile: But looking forward to a pleasant evening at home with the family. Maybe we’ll get in an episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow or Supergirl.


Haha, me too! Actually, I’m heading away from 50 so I guess that will always be the case. :upside_down_face:




Wishing you a fantastic birthday, Tom! I would LOVE to be …


Enjoy it all! :smile::tada: