Happy cakeday, @kennethclapp!


Hey @Tom_A, you have a slice of cake by your avatar today…
That means its your special day.
A noteworthy anniversary of (hopefully) Joy, laughter, and hopes of many more years of CAKE.


Happy Birthday @Tom_A!


Warmest birthday wishes to you, @Tom_A! And, many happy returns of the day. (I guess I waxed poetic, but not on purpose.)


Heh. Not my birthday. Just my Glowforge anniversary. (Well, and, apparently, my heart-attack-aversary.) But THANKS FOR THE WARM WISHES! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday. Tom. :grin:


Happy Cakeday @Tom_A and @jacobturner ! :smile::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkles:


@jacobturner also has the GF anniversary slice today.
Don’t forget to get yourself some Cake today… or pie if you prefer.


Gosh… So many cool people here. It’s strange to think I’ve “known” some of you for 2 years already. Seems like yesterday.


Huh, had this in my unread list earlier today and had an idle thought on when mine would come up. Didn’t check to see it had ><


Hey @tim1724…Happy Birthday! :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::birthday:


@tim1724 eat good cake and thanks for your contributions around here.


Here’s the cake I made for myself (and for my twin sister)

Almond cake (basically this recipe but scaled up 25% to fit a 9" pan) with raspberries, mango, and an apricot glaze.


And Happy Birthday @chadmart1076 too! :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::birthday:


Thank you!


Since nobody else has said it yet:

Happy Cake Day @joe !


I’m going to follow @AhnoldZ 's lead and wish @caribis2 a Happy Cake day as well!


I guess it’s a good thing I have cake.


Oh snap, it’s my cake day! Thanks!


Are you going to share?