Calibrated right off the rails!

Has this happened to anyone else during calibration?

I did not bump or rattle the machine, there was no excess debris from anything

It calibrated correctly A number of times. I was able to do 4 successful cuts last night.

Today I kept getting an error at the time estimate stage between designing and starting a cut.

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Ugh! :worried: Well you’ve got trouble… That should never happen.


Feel free to wait for Support to give you an official answer.

Meanwhile, I suggest:
With the unit off
Carefully put the gantry back on track.
Ensure it smoothly moves forward and backward the length of the rails.
If so, probably safe to turn on and see if it calibrates properly.
If so, probably safe to try a job.


I had that happen when I misaligned the proofgrade and the arm hit the wood. My husband and I carefully put it back on the track and the machine realigned itself. But…that was due to debris, not during until calibration. It had to move hard and fast to jump like that :pensive:

I now double check how the proofgrade sits


So, originally I was scared to touch it in the slightest, really want to keep my warranty, but I did as you suggested, super carefully and it went back into place. I then hemmed and hawed and got up the courage to turn on the machine and see if it would calibrate, and it did!

Then brought in a simpler design, and the software issue I had was gone too!

I think the software issue was just me trying to do multiple photo quality images, and it timed out trying to calculate the carve


I’m glad it worked for u!


Super-happy it worked out for you!

I don’t blame you for not wanting to touch it without official word. I mean, you spent thousands on this thing. I definitely recommend you take fellow owner’s advice, like mine, with a respectful level of doubt. :slight_smile:


Luckily it’s a pretty simple mechanism, but what caused it is curious.
@cindyhodesigns, I did the same thing once, almost went into shock when one side of the gantry wedged to a stop on the material! I felt so stupid… :grimacing:


I’m glad to hear you’re printing again. If you have trouble like this in the future, please be sure to let us know.