Calibrating? Misalignment?

Hello, I’m having trouble with my machine. It is printing off center on everything that i’m doing. I’ve tried calibrating my machine but it isn’t working. I go through the whole process then it says its interrupted. There is no way this is actually possible because I am doing nothing near the actual machine. It gets to the same spot after engraving all the images then it says that. I tried doing patches and ruined like 20 of them I have to set everything on my dashboard off center for it to actually engrave in the center. Any ideas? I’ve already had an issue with my fan and had to replace it with the larger fan. I’ve had it for about three or four years now so i’m worried that it’s dying. Any info would be helpful, thanks!

Since you have had your machine for such a long time, I assume that you are using the set focus tool before placing your artwork and that you are very familiar with jigs. A screenshot showing your artwork relative to the actual cut would be helpful. The Glowforge specs state that the camera is accurate to within 1/4" which means there is quite a bit of leeway for off center printing. I have found the placement tool to be quite helpful and that is something else you might try.

Problems with the lid camera calibration process are usually caused by unstable wifi signals, and are difficult to diagnose.


The problem is it isn’t off by 1/4 inch it’s more like 1-2 inches off

In that case, the machine will likely need to be repaired or replaced.


Really, is there something that would cause this to happen?

Machine failure over time. Sorry, but it can happen.


Thanks, I was afraid thats what was happening. I’ll see what they have to say.

Pictures would help, and if it is just the alignment, then use the placement tool or a jig and carry on.


this is what its looked like after the last turn. I wasted like 25 patches trying to get it right even with mis aligning the image but when i’m cutting/engraving it just does whatever it wants to do.

These images look good in that the scoring is nice and crisp, and don’t really help show misalignment because it doesn’t show artwork placement relative to actual cut. Wasting patches is something that won’t happen again if you use a jig.


Yeah I don’t have any images showing misalignment this was just the misalignment tool and me trying to align it. I’m familiar with using a jig and have but each time I have to place the image on my screen over to the right of the center by a little in order to get the image even close to the center. On this image on the board the whole right row was hitting the crumb tray thats how far off the image is from the one they chose.

I’ve had it long enough to pretty much know what i’m doing but luckily i’ve never had issues with my machine until the fan and now. I’ve done so many patches on my machine but just started having the issue within the last month or so. I’m not worried about the patches i’ve wasted more worried that its doing it with every single thing I do including cutting materials. I cant use a jig for that.

The camera is not accurate for a number of reasons, but you can still get great alignment using the placement tool and defining your particular cutting surface grid. Since your machine is still cutting and engraving things as desired, I would say it is still operating successfully. The camera has nothing to do with cutting/engraving performance.

In your calibration picture, the material is not placed properly on the honeycomb tray, but I assume it was when the program was being performed. The calibration is to be run on a 12x20 piece of material which would cover the entire honeycomb tray and it would be flush to the front edge of the tray as well as both sides.


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