Calibrating the camera...finally lol

So after having the Forge for about a year, thought I’d go ahead and run the camera calibration lol. Let’s see if the alignment gets a little better after this!


I can calibrate my camera!?!?!?!?!
I should probably do that!!!
How do I do that???


Check out:

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I was having an issue where I would run a job and when it was done, the image was slightly larger than the actual cut. I remeasured everything and found it was correct. The calibration took about 30 minutes, but it was worth it as everything lines up perfectly now!

I can even shut everything off, and when I bring it back up everything is still right as it was and re-runs with no straying.


I’m kind of in shock at how much better it is now! It’s night and day difference


mine is extremely accurate. glad you did it - enjoy!

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Mine went from about 2" in the lower right corner (and just a mess across the rest of the bed) to about 1mm everywhere.

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Oh yeah, it’s crazy how much better things line up now, should have done this 6 months ago

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