Calibration and alignment issues

I am trying to print after a cleaning and the alignment is off.
I ran the calibration routine and saw things were off at the margins. Calibration made no changes.
When the head moves from left to right the pattern at the right edge is defective.
When the head moves from right to left the left edge is defective.

can anyone offer suggestions? Yes, the crumb tray is clean and level. My theory is that the belt is too tight but I dont want to change anything without asking here.


Check for debris on the rails, in the cogs and teeth of the belt and also look at the carriage wheels to make sure one of them is not cracked.


This is a debris, wheel or belt tension issue. When you did the cleaning, did you remove the carriage by releasing the belt tension?


Hello @mkstach I’m sorry your alignment is off on the left and right. I can definitely assist in resolving this with you.

After reviewing your logs and photos what could be happening is there is a twist in the belt that goes from left to right. This would be shortening the belt just enough to cause the issue you are seeing. Can you check to see if there is a twist?

If there isn’t can you reply with photos of your belts and pulleys so that I can get a better look?

I will check for a twist and tension issue.

Hi @mkstach. Thank you for letting us know, and we’ll look forward to any results and/or photos to help troubleshoot this with you. Thanks!

THANK YOU all for your help. With your assistance I got the problem resolved.
In other news, I considering starting a service something like MollyMaids but for cleaning GF machines. I think I will make some real money here.

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Hi @mkstach. That’s great news to hear, and I appreciate you letting me know. I’m happy to hear that you’re able to print now and will go ahead and close this thread. Happy printing!