Calibration forever

Hi, I’ve been working through an infinite calibration problem all day. Went through the troubleshooting: wiped every blessed thing down, lenses, windows and such, inside the case; rebooted the Glowforge, my computer, the router, the cable modem…went through initial setup twice with teal light…wi-fi is good…Glowforge won’t get past calibration. This thing was cooking a week ago and now nothing. My first paid gig is due in 5 days and I don’t want to tell the customer I can’t do it. Any help out there?

Ugh, that’s frustrating. :frowning: Did you check for lighting issues? Room lights reflecting off the material can cause problems. See if it will calibrate with nothing on the honeycomb tray – in that case it might be the material is too reflective and messing with the camera’s ability to tell what it’s looking at…

have been trying to calibrate with just crumb tray, no dice

Shoot. If you’ve already been through the steps on the troubleshooting page, then I’m out of ideas!

I’m so sorry you’re having trouble.

You mentioned you cleaned the lenses. Can you please repeat the process of removing and reinserting the lens in the head:

(Be sure to confirm the lens orientation according to the pictures in the instructions.)

Please let us know the results.

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Because you’ve emailed us separately about this and we’ve been working on it with you there, I’m going to close this topic.