Calibration / Offline cycle

I’ve tried to be self-sufficient on this one, but I’m getting a constant cycle of Calibrating / Offline / Calibrating. This started happening a few months ago, but I waited it out and it started working again.

Well, I finally had to clean it, and when I brought it back online afterwards, I’ve got that cycle again.

I’ve done the log off/power cycle dance that I’ve seen posted as suggestions elsewhere, I’ve also ensured that my network has a strong signal. I haven’t tried connecting to get the log out, but if I can find some time tonight I might give it a shot.

I know I can do some more work, but I’m super pressed for time right now, and in the off chance that Support has better visibility, it would be great to get printing again.

Thanks for any help / suggestions!

  • Tim

I’d check your network anyway but not the signal strength - check the channel assignment in the router. You may have a busy channel caused by increasing #s of devices or increased traffic. It could also be a neighbor using the same channel with more devices &/or traffic. Move to a quieter channel and you’re less likely to get drops which is usually the cause of the behavior you’re seeing.


I have Google Wifi, so they don’t make those kinds of settings super apparent, but I did isolate my device (man, that should be easier) and set it as a priority device… That, and going through the wifi setup one last time seems to have done it (for now).

Thanks for the quick response and the ideas.


Thanks for the answer @jamesdhatch. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!