Calibration Questions 1.0

Why can’t I cut a 10.9 inch circle on proof grade MDF? See attached. Appreciate the direction. TIA. B

Since the outline of the circle is solid (rather than dotted) it will cut. The problem seems to be the placement of the draftboard. Move it down just a tad. The top of the picture is not the top of the board. Once you cut the circle, you will have about an inch of material remaining at the top. The camera shows the usable area, not the entire board.


I found putting your material as close to the bottom right of the honeycomb tray, will let you move your image as close to the right and bottom edges of the material as possible, eliminating some waste. If you want to keep that Proofgrade Label for future cuts, then flip it so that the label is upside down on the top left.
(when you are using a full sized sheet)



Thank you!

(I don’t know if the Glowforge will read the Proof Grade bar code when it is in the upper left corner, upside down. I haven’t used Proof Grade since I used up all the free stuff they give you with a new machine)


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