Callibration still seems off


When trying to be precise, I am still off on my cuts. As you can see by the picture my design overlay and my actual cuts are at least 1/8" off in both directions. Any suggestions?

It is spec’d to 1/4" and you are well within that. If the scored smaller circle is touching the design of the large one, support would take a look.


My machine’s calibration is good enough that I can rely on the camera to place things in unused areas of a piece of material.

My suggestion for when you need more precision is to use a technique other than the lid camera. For example, a jig, or lightly scoring masking before running the real job.


Is your machine new or has it always had this? It might be worth trying the camera calibration and the print head setup calibration.


It looks like you’re close to the border of the cutting area there - I’ve definitely noticed cuts show up way closer to exactly where I’m trying to place them when I’m in the center of the cutting area. If you’re trying to do something with that much precision, I’d recommend trying a smaller piece of whatever your material is and putting it right in the center.


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