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Is there some kind of tool…or perhaps someone could give me an idea how to make one…that is used when gluing a box together that will hold at least two or maybe three of the sides at the correct angle so everything is square when it’s finished? I prefer boxes without finger joints, but it’s a real challenge when time to glue. Using lots and lots of masking tape really helps, but there’s got to be a better way. Sort of like a jig…but maybe something either two or three-sided that could be adjustable to fit different sizes? Seems like there would be something, but not being a woodworker, it could all be a dream.

Yes. They are called corner clamps. Have a couple but rarely use them. Usually just use a bunch of regular bar clamps to hold all the sides together. These are reasonably useful for picture frames and such but work on most anything that needs a 90 degree angle.

Any of the big box hardware stores. Most smaller hardware stores. There are a bunch of different styles. These are about $8.99 a piece. Holds two sides at 90 degrees if there is no installed top or bottom yet.


These would also help:


Ah ha! I knew someone would come through! Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


And there we go for a homemade one! Perfect! Thank you for the link…I’ve downloaded the file.

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Winner winner chicken dinner! Certainly one that can be forged gets the award!

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AMENVTOOL Frame Woodworking Band Clamp Strap Ratcheting Miter Mitre Vise Picture Make DIY


Don’t buy cheap ones, and learn to use them before you need to. They aren’t easy to get perfect and the cheap ones may not even be 90 degrees - Harbor Freight for example seems to have up to 2 degree error.

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Thank you…looks like this one can accommodate more sizes and shapes.

Check out picture frame clamps. I have one I got years ago that is dead rock simple. It’s 4 threaded rods that slip through holes in right angle cut blocks of Delrin or something. A nut on the rod behind each corner block draws it tight & square. I have no idea if they’re still made but it’d be pretty easy to replicate. Changing the lengths of the threaded rods can give you ridiculous size options. You can get threaded rod at Home Depot or Lowes.

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Came across these:

They have a picture showing clear acrylic assemblies

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As fate would have, I happen to have one similar to what you describe in my Amazon cart right now. Can’t hit the buy button yet, as we’re leaving for 10 days in Delaware at the end of this week and I don’t want packages arriving while we’re gone. Thanks for your idea. I also really need something like this for when I work on acrylic, too.

Thanks! Yes…acrylic work would also benefit from something like this.