Cam design

Anyone know of software to design sine cams? For example y=sin (x) and another would be y=sin (2x) cams of that nature.

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Bonus point if you guess what I want to make :smiley:

Might just be polar graphing r=sin (t) …

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If you can figure out the proper equation then you can “design” in processing or javascript (with a plugin like 3.js).

If you have Solidworks then it will graph equations (see @Hirudin’s work in the divider thread).
I have seen a demo of this, but it 'aint cheap

Search for modified sine curve cam.
Perhaps this can help about cam design. Also. Check out the portfolios at The math and images are very helpful.


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll check the sites out.

openSCAD can likely do that without a problem since it is algorithm driven…



It’s free of course, just to warn the learning curve is a tad steep (since it is essentially a programming environment rather than visual cad). However if you are asking about sine-cams, you already likely know what you are doing…

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A model of the DNA double-helix?

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tiny wooden v8?

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Michaelson harmonic analyzer :blush:


I think I may have “missed the mark” somewhat. :slight_smile:

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