Camera alignment chicken

Anyone else like to play camera alignment chicken? I know there are haters out there but Glowganberry has been so precise I just keep pushing my luck. Show me your close cuts!


This one was the other day and slightly accidental.

Check out #40:


Pretty Good, but you wasted what you saved at the top :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’ll root around my crops. Gordon cuts very close after running the camera alignment - usually within .015" so i get pretty close on some stuff.

Edit after checking my crops: You win. :rooster:

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Did #40 have a flat spot? Looks like the beam would have just about burned out the side.

It wasn’t waste, I couldn’t fit any of the pieces in there.

Also my time is worth way more than the pennies in material so the real waste would have been screwing around with it :slight_smile:

(About $6 per square foot, that 2 square inches is about 9 cents :slight_smile: )


Hi, my reply was to @Pheomelanin. How close did actual match the preview. Mine is scary close.

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Very close match to the preview- I placed the design literally as far to the left as I could place it before falling off the print area.

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I play this almost every day. I get burnt occasionally but mostly it works out. I giggle when I have a straight edge in the right place but with no laser burn. That means I got to within about a laser width.

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