Camera alignment / view has changed

(This isn’t about the ever evolving camera alignment and bed size etc. issues as I know they have been discussed ad nauseam, this is about my specific machine. )

My camera view has changed and the material looks skewed at the bottom. I know the lens has a fish-eye perspective, but this is off mostly on the right side and I don’t remember it being this bad before. It IS cutting straight, but I’m losing material to compensate for it and it’s a general pain in the arse. I haven’t touched it yet, but is there a way to mechanically adjust the lens?

FWIW yes, the material is straight and the tray is seated correctly.

In the bed

What it sees

What’s in the bed

What it sees

What it cuts


I’m having the same problem and except my view is way off to the right. I have emailed support and they gave me some suggestion but if it’s not fixed, I will have to get a new machine.

Edit - mine never had a problem until about 2 weeks ago where the camera view went bonkers. Still cuts nicely albeit way off…


Is the lid closing properly? Is the camera still firmly attached to the lid?

I don’t think there is anything adjustable about the camera orientation. It can be focused but that is set and sealed at the factory and I don’t think that would give the effect you have.

See the right hand side. and alignment is sad…
I’m not even sure what that round black half circle thingy is…


Crap, my issue started within the last two weeks as well. :-/

Yes, everything is closing/working properly and looks the same. I didn’t experience any big unusual bump or shock to the lid either, so I don’t know what caused the change.

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Same thing! Nothing was bumped or camera did not fall off or whatever.

I’ll PM you

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It is odd because they seem to replace the machines for large camera errors like this so it must be a hardware problem. Something must get out of alignment. The camera being the obvious thing.

I dunno. When I printed my founders rulers a month ago…mine saw straight lines. When I went to cut my turkeys a day ago, it saw wobbly edges on the same piece of :proofgrade: hard maple. I think there might have been a bug in a camera firmware update.


I would first carefully check to see if the camera has rotated, possibly from cleaning it. see if it is loose (able to twist in the housing) A while back there was an issue with the camera having been rotated that skewed the image.
This is just my opinion and nothing official, but that is what I would check first. See if it is loose enough to have been moved.

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I checked and it’s very secure and nothing looks odd about it. Not saying it might not have been bumped or something, but it’s not loose or anything. To me it feels like more of a software thing, but my spidey senses are often wrong lol.


Yes the fact two machines went bad together and nothing obvious physically changed implies software but I suspect it is just a coincidence because machines that arrived in that state get replaced, so presumably can’t be fixed by software.

Perhaps the image sensor is loose inside the camera housing and gets knocked out of position, usually during shipping, but occasionally when moving the lid.

Or perhaps the calibration data for the camera (assuming there is actually some per machine camera calibration at this point) gets lost or corrupted and can’t be recalculated outside the factory. I don’t know if it is stored on the machine or in the cloud. If it is stored in the cloud that would be an issue if it ever disappeared. Not much point having open source firmware to mitigate the cloud risk if the factory calibration is stored in the cloud.

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It’s not stored on the machine.


Hmm, so when / if they release the promised open source firmware we will also need the cloud data or figure out how to calibrate ourselves. Seems very easy as OpenCV has a function to do exactly what we need: convert fisheye to rectilinear with a set of grid coordinates in the image.


Figure I’ll add here in addition to mentioning elsewhere:

During this same time, my machiene now also has a left hand rail bounce on calibration but moves smoothly once completed.

@kittski I’m very sorry to say that I believe we should replace your unit. I’ll email details in a moment.

@wesleyjames please send an email or create another post if you have an issue you’d like us to investigate. Thanks!