Camera Calibration with non-proofgrade?

I think the camera calibration process says to use proofgrade draftboard. If we don’t have some, can we use another material?

I was going to run the calibration tonight, but I think I’ve used up all my PG draftboard. I have a large supply of hardboard from Home Depot that I could use.

The original beta testers have said anything perfectly flat that covers the bed and is of the same whitish color the glowforge can score should work. If you use your own masking you can always keep remasking whatever you use. The reason they say draftboard is because they know it is large enough to cover the entire tray (at least the mostly cutable part) and scoring the masking gives the appropriate contrast. It seems the key is 1) the glowforge camera has to be able to see the marks it makes, so contrast and 2) the calibration software seems to assume the marks are at the same exact distance above the crumb tray, so perfectly flat.


Make sure it pushes all the way up against the front of the machine.


And that it doesn’t catch on fire using Proofgrade draftboard score settings. I saw someone wanting to use cardboard. I wouldn’t recommend that…


I ran the calibration using 1/8" black acrylic, non-PG.

Before doing that though, I compared the settings and focus heights between draftboard and PG Medium Black acrylic - the settings are close enough for government work so I went for it. It came out excellent.

I didnt want to sacrifice a chunk of acrylic but… oh well, I can still find a prototyping use for it.


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