Camera Did Not Take Picture Error - On 3rd Machine

I am receiving the camera did not take picture error after cleaning my machine. I have had this issue before in the past and have had to replace my machine twice (at my expense) already and the last time was for this exact reason. I don’t understand why this keeps happening and can’t afford to continue to replace my machine every 6 - 9 months! I have checked all of the connections and the black cable. It always happens immediately after cleaning.

That’s possibly the most frequent issue posts the support forum section start with. Just wipe the optics as prescribed. No other cleaning is required.

If that’s all you did, then support can arrange a replacement machine, as you already know.

Frustration level has just become pretty high since I have already had to pay for two replacements and the last one was about 6 months ago for the exact issue. I’m afraid to ever clean the machine now because it seems like every time that I do, I end up having to replace the machine at my cost.

As I said, the majority of problems reported here were after people “cleaned” their machine.

Mine is 5yrs old, all I’ve ever done is clean the optics as prescribed on the support pages.

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When you clean your machine do you spray anything inside the machine?

It’s a shame that the whole machine is 100% dependent on that little camera… a camera that isn’t really necessary to actual cut/engrave/score anything. Convenient, yes, but to be completely vital to operation is simply a bad design decision. My 3D printer doesn’t need a camera to “home” itself, so a Laser cutter shouldn’t need one either.
Oh well.

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