Camera didnt take a picture

I have been having issues with my prints all morning, and so i thought i would try just cleaning everything … now the camera wont take a picture and Im so frustrated,.

Define “cleaning everything”.

All you need to do is wipe the optics as described in the instructions. If you got any moisture in the delicate ribbon connectors, or physically disturbed them, that would cause what you describe.


You are experiencing two separate issues - one related to the camera not taking a picture and the other related to your “wobbly” engraves. Unfortunately, the camera error is keeping you from printing which is necessary to address the poor engrave quality.

A little background might help. How long have you had the machine? How did you just clean it - specifically, did you introduce any moisture/spray inside the machine?


Zeizz wipes down on all optics, take out all connectors wipe down connections with same and ensure good snug fit.

has the machine a little over a year, cleaned with Zeizz wipes on all optics and disconnect and reconnect connectors (5 for camera) as described in the video.

If you are referring to the delicate ribbon cable connections, that is almost certainly your problem, They are not designed to be messed with unless you have to replace the black cable. They are easily damaged.

Not sure what video you are referring to, but Glowforge instructions for cleaning do not include messing with those cable connections.

They specifically mentioned unhooking and re-hooking the cables for a snug fit here*gc8ak3*_ga*MTMxNDQ3MzQ5My4xNjQ2Njc3MjY5*_ga_YM0X41VEGH*MTY3NzE4MDg4MC40ODIuMS4xNjc3MTgwODg3LjAuMC4w . Did that first then wipes down with Zeizz cloth. They also maintain power to the lights (If you have it on and disconnect the cable the lights turn off, doesn’t mean there’s not a problem just a note)

Could be these for all different kinds of reasons but they look in good order no bumps scraps or reasons to believe it was damaged. I have a new cable on order just in case but looking for other possibilities.

That is typically the first step support will recommend. Let’s hope that fixes it.

My machine is over 5 years old and I’ve never had to mess with that cable (although I did use founder credits to buy one years ago when some people reported them failing.)

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