Camera error, head not moving

It’s been a while now and despite the cleaning and tab/connections checking and gentle press, nothing seem to work…

Would love some help to get this moving again asap:)

That is often a black ribbon issue. Only Support could be specific as which issue it is. Could also be the ribbon to the camera. Replacing what is broken usually helps.

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I’m sorry to hear your Glowforge is having issues with the camera.

I’ve extracted the logs from your Glowforge and looked at the trouble you’ve been experiencing. The issues you’re seeing might be caused by a poor connection with the cables on your lid. Please follow the steps below to check the lid connections:

  1. Turn off your unit.

  2. Open the lid.

  3. Using both hands, gently roll the laser arm to the front of the unit.

  4. There are 5 clips pictured below. Check each one to ensure it is closed. The clip should lie flat, and you shouldn’t be able to flip it in any direction.

  5. If any of the clips are open, please take a photo and attach it to your reply. Don’t try to adjust or reseat the cable until reaching back out to us.

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Hi @@gurvan.custom. I received your follow up post with the photos of the lid cable connections to address the continued trouble with your Glowforge as the lid camera tries to take pictures. Based on the review, the next best step will be replacing the black lid cable. I sent you a separate email to confirm your information to help you get a new black lid cable. I’ll keep this Community thread open until I receive your email response, and will look forward that soon. Thank you!

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