Camera Fail?

Well, after purchasing 3 Glowforges, I guess I was bound to get a lemon machine when I decided to buy a refurbished Basic. Have had nothing but issues with this one and it’snot even a year old. The latest is the GF won’t take a picture, focus or calibrate. Yes, it’s successfully connecting to my WiFi. No it’s telling me the LID IS OPEN- EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT!
Any ideas are helpful. Thx in advance!

Been a while since I’ve seen this one.

Check the black ribbon cable at the back of the lid where it hope over the hinge. This cable is what splits and goes to the lights, the camera, and the lid sensors all the way up front.

You may not be able to see anything but I’d lay a bet that this is where the problem is. Gf support can tell from the gf logs.

campany support is only available from the Supports page now.


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