Camera failed to take a picture

I was in the middle of a print job when I got the “camera failed to take a picture” notification. After some poking around and searching I figured it was the black cable and ordered one (also a good chance to pick up more proofgrade).

I just installed the new one and I’m back up an running. It’s annoying that a little cable takes the machine down, but I’ve had 5 years of no problems with the machine so dealing with this is no big deal. I really appreciate how the cable was not overpriced and I got it so quickly after my order. Those two things reinforce my reasons to go with the Glowforge, and I’m very glad I did.

So this post is mostly just a thanks and keep up the good work! I’m hoping for many more years of firing the laser!


while I have an extra. I always make sure I don’t open the lid all the way.


That is very interesting. The lid camera is only supposed to be accessed/used to take a pic when then lid is closed for rough material placement, and after a print so support has a log of how the print completed.

It should never be accessed while a print job is in-progress.

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