Camera function

How about adding a camera function to the forum, so when people want to attach a photo they can do it right in the text block. Just a suggestion. Would have liked it several times when I had to transfer a picture from one device to another. I don’t keep pictures on a cloud. Too much data used.


If you open the forum on an Android phone you can choose Camera, Camera Camcorder, or Files after you click the upload button - choosing the 1st allows you to take a photo directly into your text box, which sounds like what you’re looking for; the 2nd gets you a video, and the last: photos already taken.

If you’re Apple I’m certain there is something similar, but don’t know the mechanics.


Same on iOS. Thanks. I should have known. It is part of the web site, independent of OS


djfb Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

Thanks deirdrebeth for the help! I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.