Camera Malfunctioning

For the last several months (just getting around to addressing this issue), my camera is not fully getting my entire images. It leaves blotches missing and it is inconsistent within each image meaning it is not in the exact same spot each time. I haven’t been able to use the camera function consistently in about 3-4 months but am now really trying to get this figured out. I have cleaned the lens numerous times and I am not sure what could be causing this.

Thanks kindly

It looks like you’re talking about the trace function - are you using the keys to increase/decrease the resolution as instructed?

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I am going to go ahead and say no since my only prompts in tracing are to select the desired area and then to click any white areas to cut away. I have seen no prompts or instruction for adjusting resolution. I haven’t changed anything on my end and the function used to work perfectly until one day, it just got blotchy a lot. I just turned off my machine for a quick cleaning but will see what resolution prompts you are speaking of :slight_smile: Thank you!

In the Dashboard, click on the Keyboard shortcuts on the right (text in blue) and you will see how to influence trace functions.


Hello! @shuannaholt I am sorry to hear about the trace function issues you are running into. It looks like you received some helpful advice from our forum members. Did these steps help? I will also leave you with the keyboard shortcuts that should help to solve the issue.

To darken, use Control-Up Arrow (Windows) or Command-Up Arrow (Mac). To lighten, use Control-Down Arrow (Windows) or Command-Down Arrow (Mac).

To remove small details like dirt and noise, use Control-Shift-Up Arrow (Windows) or Command-Shift-Up Arrow (Mac). To restore small details, use Control-Shift-Down Arrow (Windows) or Command-Shift-Down Arrow (Mac).

Also, I’ve carefully reviewed the logs of your Glowforge printer and the camera is operating normally, and didn’t find any errors.

Let us know how it goes and I will be happy to help!

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Thank you for looking in to this. I am still having some issues but will check out some YouTube tutorials or something. I am not even seeing an area to the right where it says ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ but I have to be missing something here :slight_smile: I never had an issue with images coming out blotchy like this until a couple months ago so I just must need to figure this thing out. I will do so more homework soon!

Thanks again

So you don’t see this when you sign on to the app? Click on Keyboard short cuts then note the keys for tracing procedures.

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Hey @shuannaholt our friend dklgood is on the right track. I went ahead and clicked on that link so you can see how the keyboard shortcuts look. Let me know if this helps?