Camera not seeing material sticker

Anyone having the issue where the camera can’t recognize the material sticker? I put in a brand new piece of plywood and it says it cannot identify. the image preview just shows all fuzy. I tried wiping off the camera with a cloth thinking smoke particles had settle but it has not helped.

What should I do?

Multiple people have reported similar issues. Support will probably want to look at your machine, and revalidate that you’ve cleaned the lenses. Lens wipes are best for that.

In the meantime, you can manually select your material by clicking in the upper left corner.



Many have blurry camera issues, the usual recommendation is to wipe the lens and make sure that the GF is leveled.

You may want to take a few pictures for comparison to others.

As a work-around, you can pick the material in the GFUI, and it’ll cut just fine. The material sticker is a nice convenience, but it shouldn’t prevent you from getting work done.

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yup! this is what i have been doing. just a feature that was unique, so wanted to raise awareness for it to be resolved


I’m sorry the Proofgrade material wasn’t being detected as expected.

I extracted the logs to look into the issue, and it looks like on prints where Proofgrade wasn’t recognized, there was a very bright light shining into your Glowforge during that time. On prints where the light level was lower, the logs showed that the Glowforge recognized the Proofgrade. If the app has trouble recognizing your material again, would you try reducing the direct light overhead and see if that helps?

The good news is the logs indicate that Proofgrade is being correctly detected most of the time.

If this happens again, you can always select your material – here’s how:

  • Click “Unknown” on the left hand side of the Workspace

  • Type the name of the Proofgrade material in the search bar

  • Select the correct Proofgrade material

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!