Camera not showing whole material

So Im having issues of not be able to see my whole piece of proof grade material – I have my artwork sized to 11″ (279 mm) deep and 19.5″ - like the forums suggested – artwork comes in way off size - so I adjust. Attached a screenshot of what support said to do on another topic - red box is sized to 10.95" by 19.45. and zoomed out to 67%. – without being able to see all my material I can’t center it.
I’ve done the recalibration test and clean camera etc.

any other thoughts?

It is showing the maximum area that can be cut, which is 19.441 x 10.972.

You can not center the entire cut area on a piece of Proofgrade (20x12) as the cut area is nowhere near centered. You will always have waste.

You could, however, use a jig and reduce the size of your design.


If I properly seat a piece of PG and cut the max rectangle out, I am left with .69" on the left and .25" on the right, .687" along the top and .39" along the bottom.

I have a piece with rule marks which I saved from before we had the ‘precision placement’ feature.

So you could reduce your design so that it offset .44" from the right, and .3" from the bottom. That would make it 19x10.67, pushed up to the extreme left corner. If your crumb tray is correctly seated, that should pretty much center it (with a ~.69" border.)


I scored two rectangles, one at the max size, and one at the size I suggested above. Both upper left corners at 0.034, 0.013. Obviously the inner corner on each is the smaller rectangle.

bottom left

top right


Thanks @eflyguy – Its been a bit since I used my GF- but I thought I was able to see at least my whole proograde material and then it would have a see through white border to show cuttable area. If I but my material with the QR code in the upper left, the camera will not pick up

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