Camera not taking the picture

Does anyone live in honolulu and have a glowforge that has a white ribbon for the camera on the lid?

The black cable only goes to the LED strips back near the hinges. There is a white cable between the left strip and the lid camera. I have never seen that offered for sale, just says to contact support.


I realize now that my response was off…at least off enough that it would be confusing. Deleting my post…thanks for jumping in.

Yeah I know. I need the white one. The black one looks completely fine. It just so frustrating because glowforge literally is so hard to communicate with. Sometimes you need something super fast and they are completely unhelpful when it comes to that. And I shouldn’t have to purchase parts at all with it still under warranty.

Before I purchased it I had a meeting with Bailey and explained what I was going to use it for. She didn’t tell me all things I should have been told that I know now after experiencing what it does to the machine. I feel like i was just another tick mark in sales. They make it out like they are there to help but not once been very helpful at all.

How do you know this - is yours physically damaged?

The black cable failing because of where it flexes at the rear is one of the first things support has addressed for lid camera issues over the years. Many people avoid opening the lid fully to try and prevent that flexing. Many also keep a spare on-hand. The damage is typically not visible, it’s the tiny traces you can’t see that break.

I’ve never heard of that small white one being sent out but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, and they do have instructions after all.

You shouldn’t have to pay for parts if support deems they are needed, and you are still under warranty.


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