Camera Not working/ Stuck Calibrating

Went to use the Glowforge this morning and keep getting the message Camera didn’t take a photo. with all the things to try. im guessing i have probably tried all of them about a hundred times today. reached out for support three times as well. thought maybe they might be shut down due to it being just two days till Christmas. which i still have several items to complete before then. how long does it take someone from support or customer service to reach out after you have had a problem?
Looking for a solution. this machine is only a month old. and has already become a huge factor in our business,

This is a really busy time for support so it seems like it’s taking a bit longer than usual. I’m not sure if they are there today since it’s Christmas Eve or not. Good luck. What all have you tried to correct the issue?

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I have turned it off opened the lid closed it turned it back on. Also checked cleaned the camera lens. Checked all the ribbon cable connections. Checked the internet connection. All the trouble shooting criteria Glowforge suggest.

Sounds like you’ve done what you can…Hopefully they will get with you soon.

Hi @daleforse45. I received your emails, and just sent you a response through that thread. To avoid any potential confusion with multiple threads opened for this issue, I’d like to close out this thread once you’ve confirmed that my email response has been received. This may require replacement of the black lid cable as a next step, and email will be best since that require confirmation of your private information for shipping. I’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!

Thanks for reaching out. Yes please cancel these threads and we will continue in on one basis.

Hi @daleforse45. Thanks for the response on here. I’ll close this thread and look forward to your email response whenever is most convenient for you. Thanks!