Camera Out of Focus -- New GF+

You’re right and I’m ashamed. I shouldn’t have stepped in. It was incredibly insensitive of me.

See I know that @kathan and any of the support team can resolve this, and I know that the only thing keeping them from doing it is the need to deal with other problems that they get from direct emails. Problems that only they can solve.

So I shouldn’t be joking about it…I really don’t have the skillz to handle the job full time. Just an occasional assist.

Shouldn’t have joked about it. :frowning:


You assume incorrectly but I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a solution to your problem (it’s a very common one I’m surprised @marmak3261 or @jules didn’t mention - heck, the three of us have all personally encountered it :grin:). I was joshing @jules (we’ve been here for years and 400,000 posts together) and she responded in kind :slightly_smiling_face:

As for your other issue, I’m sure one of the Support folks will take care of pointing you in the right direction.


Thank you for not helping! Now I won’t have to worry about seeing replies from you. Much appreciated!

Actually, I did feel a little bad about horning in on @kathan’s turf when I first typed it up! (And yes, @jamesdhatch knows me too well! He’s a rather terrible tease. ) :laughing:

How 'bout we all just put all this down to the phase of the moon, shake hands and start over? I swear, it’s the long range effects of Hurricane Dorian affecting everyone today.

Here’s the thing… I don’t care how long anyone’s been here. I spent thousands of dollars for this technology just like you all did – whether a few weeks ago or a few years. That does not give anyone any right to have anything snarky to say to me. And then flag my response trying to keep poking at me. Grow up! If you don’t like something I’ve said then keep scrolling. Why respond unless you are being helpful? Case in point when you responded and were helpful…

I spent 30+ years in a technology support role. It is what I love to do. In that 30+ years NEVER have we EVER left a customer who spent thousands of dollars waiting, and waiting, and waiting… But GF gets a pass by one of its customers, so I have to give them the same pass? Nope. No one who spends this kind of money should have the delays, problems, and wait times for resolution that I see all over this Community forum from many people. Just like he has the right to give them a pass, I have the right to not like it and speak up about it. Freedom of Speech is a Constitutional right for EVERYONE, not just the chosen few “who have been here for years…”

This goes both ways.


Sure does! But just like he decided to respond to me, I decided to respond back. That goes both ways too!!

You know, one of the things that is rather exceptional about the folks running this show, is that they openly welcome criticism and suggestions. Because they are trying to make a really outstanding product.

Those of us who have been here from the beginning have watched them struggle through a larger than expected initial sale, which put a hell of a lot of delays out there, and made them have to take a couple of years worth of criticism from about 14,000 people. To this day they remain completely gracious about it.

But I’m going to be honest with you, because you want to hear it straight. It can be hard for those of us customers who are still helping out to hear people trash talk the company when they might have no idea what they’ve already been through. (If you’ve been in a support capacity of any kind I know you’ll understand that.)

So we sometimes get a little sharp with each other. But he was also right. I didn’t think about the impact on the support staff’s feelings, and shouldn’t have put them into that position. There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about receiving assistance, but it rightfully belongs to them, not me. I help out once in a while, they do it all day every day on weekends and at night.

So I’m not sure where this gets us. But I’m not upset about this, he was right to call me on it. And that was directed at me, not you, although if you’re not watching the reply arrows it’s easy to miss.

Anyway. I still think a nice shot of good bourbon would resolve a lot of the misunderstandings. :wink:


Thanks Jules. You have been nothing but helpful – even attempting to squash unnecessary stuff. I appreciate you.

I have been reading this forum well before I purchased. I read it even more eagerly while awaiting my purchase to arrive. I would think that after GF taking “a couple years worth of criticism from 14,000 people” that some things would have improved – like my camera issue that started this post. And even jamesdhatch said what I’m experiencing is a common problem – one that he obviously knows how to resolve but rather than be helpful he starts stuff like a child… If it’s a common issue, why has GF not updated their manual to add in how to resolve this “common problem” if it should happen to you when you get your new machine? These are the things that frustrate me – well known issues with obviously easy fixes as intimated by dear james, but I’m left waiting for a resolution. Same thing with the “hold the space bar and drag on the image to shift it.” Something so easy is not documented anywhere – or not at least anywhere I could locate it. I could not print for nearly 2 days because of this and the fix took 5 seconds. Most people I know would be completed frustrated too.

Thank you again for being a customer that was willing to help a fellow customer. Being someone who was in a support role for many many years, I would think kathan would be grateful for your assistance and not feel stepped on. I know I would be. Enjoy your bourbon!

Have you seen the tutorials? A lot of these things would take forever to rediscover if you haven’t seen them…with them, it takes a few days.

I listed a few of the main quick start ones out here and we point everyone at them that we can:

While I get your point, the 1st Amendment prohibits governments from passing laws to restrict speech. It does not in any way apply to a private forum provided by a private company.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


So, flagging you was exactly the right call here. You say you understand the forum yet you are violating the user guidelines in the faq which prohibit abusive behavior. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the rules, enough flags have gotten people banned from the forum entirely, which wouldn’t benefit anyone here.

We’ve seen this sort of thing before- I think people sometimes arrive here thinking that it’s like most other forums where people are often nasty to one another. This isn’t one of those places, and anyone who starts down that path will - and should - get flagged. It beats the alternative which is just squabbling in public (like now), which almost always leads to Godwin’s law.

Anyway. I’m sure this will all blow over providing people don’t escalate. The good news is that we’re generally a pretty forgiving bunch so people’s early rants get forgotten and people move on.


Ummm… He was nasty first. I responded. He couldn’t handle my response so he had it flagged.

Oh well…

I wouldn’t call that nasty and like Jules said he was not replying to you at all. And he has a valid point, support is a thankless job.

Your replies were more aggressive in tone. Even if you felt slighted you definitely went from “ok maybe that was harsh” to flat out namecalling and tone-replying. That’s where it goes from something that you don’t like to something that violates the rules, and thus we have a flagging.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You just stated yours. I stated mine previously – he was nasty first.

So many folks responding to my post without a resolution…

Because there is no fixing this without staff. As for opinion, it’s not exactly like that. Remember, you got flagged, what I’m telling you is fact.

Good luck, people who regularly violate the guidelines don’t seem to stick around here. Hopefully you’ll come to see that they’re a good thing and that the forum is really helpful.

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And by the way: his comment about typing “in all caps”, that was directed at Jules? Really?? She didn’t type anything in all caps.

I did…

I wonder how that is being interpreted as he wasn’t “replying to you at all.” Interesting interpretation…

Yes, the forum is really helpful – that I agree with.

Thank you for letting me know my problem cannot be resolved without staff intervention. THAT is helpful! (and I’m not being facetious…)

I’m glad @Jules was able to help with part of the problem. Also, you make a great point that it can be confusing when you’re panned away from the bed and it’s not obvious how to get back. I’ll make sure the team gets that feedback.

You’ve already got an email ticket open on the camera problem, so I’m going to resolve this thread.