Camera seems to suddenly be crooked and pointed down so that the door is visible

Hi everyone! We received a replacement for our original Glowforge last week. The machine has been off and I tried to recalibrate, but my wood wasn’t the full size of the bed. I’m going to try a recalibration as soon as my husband can cut a 12x20 piece of flat wood (we are out of Proofgrade and its sold out). I’m hoping that that will fix things. I do have a question. I’ve had our Glowforge for 10 months and when I opened the program to cut I noticed that it seems like I’m seeing a good amount more at the bottom of my screen than normal and that it’s crooked. Can someone check out my screenshot and tell me if this is normal. The white piece of wood is a perfect square and I laid it straight

at the very top of my honeycomb Am I just sleep deprived? I could totally be going crazy.

First thing - you can just use cardboard for the calibration - as long as it’s the right size and flat.

Many of us see part of the door. It is possible for the camera to get out of whack, but it’s glued into place so it’s hard for that to happen. You’ve never been able to see the top of the honeycomb - there is a good couple inches at the top and ~1"+ at the left side that the laser itself can’t reach so you’ll never see it. Placing the wood in the bottom right hand corner lets you see the most of it (mine always cuts off about a 1/4" on the bottom right - which is fine because it leaves me just enough room to put in honeycomb hold down pins and use the wood all the way to the edge there).

Thank you for responding. :slight_smile: I’ll tell my husband about the cardboard. That’s a great thing to know!
I do know about the cut area and am not worried about that. I wasn’t expecting to cut this actual piece. I was just using for the contrast to see how crooked it looks in the camera. I just pushed this piece up to the top to make sure it straight for this picture. It’s more so that I am worried about how crooked it is. When looking at the picture you can see how crooked it is by looking at the door.

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To be clear, it looks like the wood is at the matching angle to the part of the door you are seeing - so I think once you run your calibration you’ll be fine. Fingers crossed!

Do you have a material height set at all?

The view will change quite a bit depending on the material height that is inputted.

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Before running calibration it can be all sorts of weird but the calibration should reset the alignment so what you see will be what one usually sees, as what comes from the camera is apparently quite different than what comes from the calibrated routine.

I actually didn’t. I just did “Set Focus” and this is what I have now

Set Focus needs to interact with the Calibration routine, Without that there is little to go by.

Is your crumb tray in the right place? Shouldn’t its handle be sticking into that indent in the door if it’s pushed all the way forward so its feet drop into their little dimples?


I made that mistake early on and it still razzes me with the laser cut through the front handle. I swear I thought it was metal! :flushed:
Don’t live with such an embarrassment! :sob:


Oh. My. Goodness.
Seriously, I am an idiot! I swear I know what I am doing. I am the one that is always reminding my husband. :woman_facepalming: I’m blaming it on how tired I am at the moment. Thanks for catching that.


Don’t be embarrassed! It could’ve happened to anyone!
But it happened to you and some of us still remember. :wink:


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