Camera unable to take pictures

Can someone please help me! I have cleaned my glowforge and now the camera is unable to take pictures and my head is not working. I have did everything that was posted and that i was told to do!
Yes, i first contacted support and receive an email but since i sent my pictures and more emails i haven’t received a response. Its been well over 24hours since i head a response

I only did maybe 30 projects and it s already something wrong and im cant find any help.

There are many things that can happen by not taking enough care in cleaning. Opening the lid too far and damaging the black cable is high on that list. It is possible that you just pulled the clip and you can reseat it, but the way the camera can talk to the machine is that black cable.


I have two machines, a Pro and a Plus and neither one will take a picture today. They were both working fine last night. I have checked everything suggested.

I have always open the lid up in 45 degree angle because i was told to do so but never touched the black cable …i just got this glowforge

What you mean about resetting it?

Reseat, not reset.

To very carefully check the clips that hold the cables, and clip them back in place if necessary.

There is no reason to clean the cables or touch the clips that secure them. They are extremely fragile. Also, if you sprayed any kind of liquid or used a wet rag, it is possible it got into one of those connections and shorted something.

Support will likely take several business days to reply, and the first thing they have done in the past is replace that black lid cable, as that’s a lot cheaper than shipping a machine back in for replacement.

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I already have did everything that was told but nothing happen…how long does it takes to get another black cable

No way to know.

If support gets back to you next week, they might determine it’s worth trying and if so, may be able to order one and have it sent to you. They may also determine that the machine needs to be replaced. You will have to wait to hear back from them.

This dont make no sense…the black cable shouldn’t be that sensitive especially if you got different material thats being engraved around it. I just got this glowforge! How long does it takes for support because it been a while since i talked to someone

If its that sensitive to moisture there should be a protection around it…its too many people with the same problem

All electronics are sensitive to moisture. You are the one that should be protecting it by not exposing those parts to moisture.


I do aleast i tried my best, but dont when certain things get engraved or cut it release some form of moisture?



If anything gets around or on the cable should i wipe it?

It is too many people treating their Glowforge like it was a jalopy. Any Co2 laser especially is a delicate instrument. And the Glowforge has been designed that a person with limited technical knowledge can use it, but the physical reality cannot be avoided.


What is “anything”?

Many of us have had our machines for over 4 years. I’ve never “cleaned” any cables.

It will gather dust from vaporized materials. You clean the optics, wipe the rails, and very rarely, perhaps the fans. That’s it. It’s a tool, not an ornament.



Unfortunately there are so many reports of machine problems after a thorough cleaning. Like @eflyguy said, keep the cleaning to the absolute minimum. It doesn’t have to look like new to operate like new. Lenses, rails, belts and fan blades. Leave everything else alone.


Also, the lid will need seeing through but stay clear of the cables and LEDs etc.

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