Camera view suddenly out of proportion

Anybody else seeing this?

Earlier today view was fine.

Now it is showing shifted 5-10mm to the right and down. Especially bad on the top left.

Machine wasn’t even turned off, just loaded the next item.

I’ve tried rebooting the machine and the browser.

I had a similar issue, maybe not as pronounced as what you are seeing. Cleaning the camera lense (in the underside of the lid) helped my situation.

Thinking about it, it probably happened just after I cleaned it. Maybe I’ve smudged something. I’ll try another clean and report back

I’m sorry you’ve run into trouble with your view in the app. I extracted the recent logs from your unit, and I was unable to see anything which suggested there’s been a significant shift in the image. Will you let us know how it went after you checked your lid camera?

Sorry, forgot to come back on this.

So yes, I cleaned the lid camera again and all was fine.

So I must have left a smudge on the lid camera somehow that left things awry.

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This is so great to hear! I’m glad that you were able to narrow down the trouble. I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the future if you run into any more snags. We’re here to help.