Camera won’t “take a picture!”

My machine has been stuck for days. I’ve been through the trouble shooting a dozen times. The head doesn’t move. It says, “camera can’t take picture.”

The wifi says it’s connected & I’ve messaged Glowforge so many times. No reply.

I’m up to any tips.

Centering and homing involve the camera taking pictures, Glowforge’s cloud servers locating the print head in the picture, then sending the appropriate movement commands to center it under the camera then to get it to the home position… So if there’s no picture, there’s going to be no movement command.

This error usually comes down to the black lid cable failing for some reason or another, and in rare cases the white lid cable. Be prepared to replace one of those, after Glowforge tells you to.

You can rule out your wifi as an issue by temporarily connecting the Glowforge to a mobile hotspot using your phone.


Agreed. If you’ve followed the official troubleshooting, it is quite likely the lid cable.


ty - I guess that means wait until they reply to me, correct?

You can order the black lid cable to have on hand in case that is the problem. They are available in the Glowforge shop.

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