Camera won't take a picture

Who else has had the dreaded “cameral won’t take a picture” happen to them. The machine won’t calibrate and head does not move. All you can do is wait for GF to send a replacement.
I’ve had 2 GF plus returned for this in 8 months. I bought an additional GF pro only to have it last 2 weeks!

I’ve about had with this machine.

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If you’re continuing to have this problem then likely you’re doing something to break the black cable - presumably not intentionally! Most of us are still on our original cables. So - while you’re waiting for your next fix, can you talk about how you use your machine - and how you clean it?


It’s not the black cable. I’ve replaced this in the past and it still won’t work. I se my machine daily and clean it whenever the glass gets foggy. Clean all lens, the tube, and glass with a paper towel and windex. Blow the fan dust out. Sometimes 2x a day.

Is it the white cable - the camera itself - something else?

Windex could very well be your problem. Especially if you’re spraying it on the machine - but even if you’re spraying it onto your paper towel, if you are touching the cables, or the exposed parts along the lights that could contribute.

and this isn’t related to failure, but be very careful cleaning lenses with a paper towel - it’s absolutely possible to scratch them with something that rough. That’s why they start you off with Zeiss wipes and suggest you continue to use them.

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I use Zeiss wipes on the lenses. paper towel on the glass, doors etc. These machines should not be so fragile that a simple cleaning would kill it.

Well, a simple cleaning shouldn’t - but spray cleaner on electronics is never a good idea - all the way back to VCRs and tape decks.

Oh good :smiley:

So for the future - if you follow the instructions here you’ll note you never bring anything wet near the circuits & boards - blow them off with canned air if you really want to touch them up. They don’t cover cleaning the lid because it’s not actually needed - but if you follow the similar instructions for the rest of the machine - especially the letting everything dry thoroughly before turning it back on - your next machine will probably last a lot longer!

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Our stories are very similar although I don’t think cleaning is it. I’m on my 3rd one and got it 8 myths after the 1st 2 had to be replaced. My second one derailed but it also had to have the lid cable changed. I had 2 extra cables and I tried both and didn’t work on this one. Posted on the board 5 days ago and they closed it and “sent to email” then forgot about me. I wish I had went into this with the hobby mind but I made a “job” out of it and I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve refunded since Saturday. I’m beyond discouraged and frustrated.

I feel your pain. I bought a GF pro when my plus died on Cyber Monday. I got it from Dynamism in 2 days and thank God it did. It took more than week to get my replacement from GF. I too made a job out of this for retirement. This Christmas has been very good to me on Etsy. I sold 850 Nativity Tree stands so far.

Update on the new GF pro. I replaced the black cable and still nothing after starting it up5-6 times. Then today I started it just because and the dam thing started working again! So I’m up and running on 2 machines again. Just in time for the last of the Christmas orders.

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My current one isn’t under warranty but in the least they can offer ideas to get it going again. You certainly were brave to buy another one. Not sure I can afford to go down that road a 2nd time!

Not sure if I was brave or foolish. But for the short time I’ve had the pro, I’m glad I got it. It’s so much faster and with the GF plus as a 2nd. I cut a couple hours off my day. Been doing 12-14 hrs a day keeping up with Christmas orders.

I have a store I keep stocked but not since Saturday. Have my Etsy shop in Vacation mode so all these cancelations don’t harm my ratings! Just not sure what to do right now. Glad you are up and running though:)

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