Camper Sweet Camper

The gift-making continues…

This one is for my aunt, who recently got a small travel-trailer.

  • The sign body and black elements are made of 5mm Home Depot underlayment.
  • The camper is decorated with small pieces of various hardwoods – Proofgrade Red Oak, plus wenge, padauk, bubinga, and purpleheart from Inventables.
  • In order to raise them above the 5mm border, each piece of 3mm hardwood rests on top of an equivalent piece of 2.7mm underlayment.
  • I liked the raised look, plus this also meant I didn’t need to kerf-correct anything since they wouldn’t be exactly flush anyway.
  • I did slightly adjust the outside black border to account for kerf, since that’s flush with the main body. In this case, I just reduced the inner dimensions of the black piece by 0.01 inches.
  • To make it easy to put everything in the right place, I also scored the base with all of the same elements in draft mode, giving me a “map” to work from.

I like how this turned out, and I’ll definitely use this approach again.


The various woods are just gorgeous in that! (I can see my wood bill skyrocketing in the future.) :grinning:


I too love the wood choices. Don’t be surprised if you see this mimicked.

Aside from the red oak, I don’t think I used more than 2 square inches of any other hardwood. It goes a long way.

Also, Inventables is doing a special right now, where if you spend $100 in December, they’ll send you a $100 Inventables gift card in January. So essentially, that makes materials half price, which is much more attractive for the hardwoods and specialized acrylics.


Yes, i took advantage of that to pick up some out-of-stock Delrin. :smile:
(Might have to use the gift card on some bits of colored wood.)

now this… THIS… is GORGEOUS. These things would sell like crazy. This is the style I like to work in as well and I just LOVE it!

This is so charming! (And the raised illustration concept may be just what I need to finish a present I’m working on, so thanks for the inspiration. :ok_hand: )

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Thanks for all the great feedback! :smiley:

I don’ t even own a camper and I want one!


Outstanding job! Love it

I love the hand-drawn feel to this piece. Great job!

Love it! Very nice execution.

Great design! Beautiful work.

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I love this! Really outstanding job! If I didn’t already have a Glowforge I’d want to be on your gift list. Maybe I do anyway.

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Gift reaction update:

“Oh, this is adorable, where on Earth did you find it?”

[Explain Glowforge]

“Wait… you made this?!?”

Thanks, Glowforge. :grinning:


EXACTLY! I don’t do anything near as fancy as what I see in this community — but people are still amazed. I love it! …and it is sooooooooooooooo much faster and classier looking than my 3D printers printing… I can’t wait for Christmas (yes I can…I lied…I haven’t started making Christmas presents yet) … but you know what I mean!

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my brother and sister-in-law would absolutely LOVE this! She does stained glass and I just admire what she makes (always beautiful) but this rates right up there … they love their happy camper. …and it would “travel” better than glass…you have such a gift…I am so glad you share your creations, it truly inspires!