Can anyone help me connect the middle Alphabet letters on a monogram sign

I am trying to make a monogram sign with a name in the middle but it keeps cutting out the middle name.

What design software are you using?


And, post pics of what you tried to do and what happened.

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Here’s a quick example of how I’d do it in Illustrator:

In steps:

  1. Create text
  2. Create outlines of text
  3. Ungroup the text outlines
  4. Draw little rectangles where you want connectors to the middle bits of a letter
  5. Select the letter and the little rectangle and use pathfinder tools, like “Minus front” or “Minus back”, depending on the ordering of your layers.

It can take a little practice to get use to how these pathfinder tools work, and there are a few different ways to do it, but something like this is what you should try.


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