Can anyone help me out with a file conversion?

Hey guys,

My wife and I had our first baby on July 13 this year. Her Birthday is on this Sunday and I want to make her something with the footprint we received at the hospital. The issue is, I have the file as a PDF and want to be able to engrave it onto a piece of wood for her. Can any of you guys walk me through how to create an engraveable file from the PDF?

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yes, you can, but if you post it (as a .zip) I will convert it to a .PNG for you

This is the file as a screenshot:

screenshots lose definition, the .pdf is better

Would this work? It is a JPEG exported from the PDF file. I cant get it to allow me to attach the PDF here.

here is the file (screenshot) converted to a .svg
no enhancements – you need to compress the .pdf to a .zip file to post it here (339.1 KB)

For future reference, any file can be attached if you zip it up first.


you CAN import the .pdf into the GFUI and burn it (I would do a test print on scrap to make sure you get the best settings)

Thank you for the conversion! Is there a way to remove the text and random print to the right of the footprint in AI? It only lets me select the whole object for some reason.

sure. stand by a sec

I got rid of any much ‘hash’ as I could find, try this one, I would burn this at the highest .dpi you can, it will be slower, but get more of the intricate patterns



That is awesome! I will give it a try and let you know how it goes! Thank you so much!

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Um… I kinda hate to point this out when you’ve both spent so much time on it, but PDF files will import directly into Glowforge… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Testing is needed to dial in the best settings. As the resolution (LPI) is increased, the power may need to be reduced just because there is more power being delivered as the lines begin to overlap. If the result looks too dark try reducing power.


I SAID THAT, but he wanted it edited :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just in case it’s useful, here’s another thread on a similar topic:

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I had some fun, and re-did it with the high res image you uploaded, I also inverted one
download and use whichever you like (2.6 MB)


Congratulations on your new baby!

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