Can anyone help me turn 1 svg into a 3D project when assembled?


My son is in the Air Force and has asked me to make him a Missleman Badge. He really wants it to be something that can stand up on his desk alone. I’ve found an svg for it but it’s only a single image. Would anyone be willing to convert this into something I can assemble into a 3D project?

Do you mean you are looking to add a hing and foot to the back? So it can stand up like a picture frame?

Or you could just print it and put it in a frame?

Perhaps a picture of something similar to what you are thinking of would help.

I can think of a dozen ways to make something “3D”…

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This is what the badge looks like. The SVG file basically is this but flat so it won’t stand
on its own. I didn’t attach a pic before bc I figured if someone was willing to help me I would just send attention for next time.


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That might work as variable engrave just by making a negative of it,then you could have a stand glued to the back. That would be the easiest to accomplish.

Another way would be to make several pieces and stack them on top of each other and would still likely want a standing bit for the back.

I still very much a newbie and don’t have the first idea about making a negative. I was thinking maybe someone could help me to make it sort of like one of the art displays where you slide them together somehow to make it stand up and be multidimensional?


So you’re not so much looking to make the “badge” 3D, as make it stand up?

Yup exactly lol.


I just plan to engrave or score the details but want it to stand


See if this works. Comes with no warranty, you get what you pay for!

Should print fine on “Medium” proofgrade materials. You’ll need a little glue, and the “stand” might need a little adjusting with an emory board or sandpaper. Suggest you check the fit before you glue the other layers on, in case the hole needs adjusting.




THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m going to give it a try in a couple mins as soon as my forge is done with its current cut.


It looks fantastic! Thank you again so much for your help. My son is going to be thrilled with this :slight_smile:


Was fun to design while I was watching a movie… :+1:


And this shows the value of learning vector design programs (illustrator, Inkscape, affinity design, etc). Nice job @eflyguy!


I just noticed - the scoring in the background should have filled the entire piece down to the bottom, did it not?

Looks like it did. Just the photo angle.

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It did. It was just the lighting in my area & snapped a quick photo on my prototype Baltic birch.

Between working full time in a hospital lab where we get a ton of covid-19 tests (only time we’re considered essential lol), in school part time & being a military spouse, a military mom & a first time brand new grandma I haven’t
had a whole lot of time to learn vector programs. I’ve got then just haven’t learned them. This was the first time reaching out for design help & I appreciate the help more than you know.



Kudos to you! I’m so glad things worked out for you.


Great. Love to see a finished pic.

If I was making it myself, I would finish it with Rub-n-buff… :wink: Turns wood into metal.


Ah what the heck… nothing else to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon…

(hardboard scrap with a light brushing of rub-n-buff…)

The light doesn’t do it justice - the stars, and stripes (behind the fins) actually stand out more than this picture shows.