Can anyone

…please help me with this? I don’t even know what terms to use to search. I’m using Affinity, but since most all of the design apps have the same general operations I would just like sort of a general idea of how to do this. Seems like I did it before a long time ago but can’t figure it out again. This is just a sample for testing.
How can I crop the patterned image to fill only the inside of the heart?



I am not a regular Affinity user but, have a copy. Quick experimentation suggests that what you probably want – assuming that’s all vectors – is to select everything and use the “divide” boolean. The one on the far right in the upper right of the UI:

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 10.35.34 PM

It may require some repair to make the contained items closed.

Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion but, I thought I would respond since it’s late and, I saw it.

It is possible each separate object would have to be divided that way (i.e., duplicate the heart, select one of the other objects plus the heart, click divide, repeat with each separate object).

If that’s a bitmap, it’s different, of course.


Thank you. I’m pretty sure the patterned image is a bitmap…just something off Google to test with. The heart is a vector that I made. I did try the divide, but everything but the heart just disappeared. In fact, I tried all the boolean ops. I appreciate your time, though.


Ah, okay. I am not sure how to accomplish that in Affinity Designer and I don’t have their bitmap editor (Affinity Photo?). I typically use Photoshop for that. The abstract would be to create a mask using the heart and, use that to extract just the heart-shaped portion of the pattern.

I think Affinity Designer will let you make a clipping mask. I am pretty sure the GFUI won’t swallow that but, you can likely export the clipped image to a bitmap format (then re-import it, if you need the vector around it).

Like this:

(I had to drag the layers in the opposite direction of the tutorial to get it to work: I dragged the mask object (the heart) onto the bitmap).

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 11.19.22 PM


Same concept in Illustrator. I’d use the heart as a clipping mask and then expand transparency rasterize.


Ok, here’s how to do it in Affinity Designer. Not super obvious. First, you layer the vector you want to clip with above the image you want to clip:

Then drag the image layer up onto the vector. You have to get it so it shows a sort of box connecting the two. For me it takes a little fiddling with the mouse to get it to go to the right place. If you hover there for a few seconds, you get a preview of the effect.

Then of course you can right click and rasterize, because Glowforge doesn’t do clipping masks.


Thanks, you guys! I’m going to try it in a few minutes. I do know about GF’s aversion to clipping masks, but I’ll do as you suggest and just rasterize and export it. Makes sense. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.


Thank you, Chris. I would never have figured that one out in a million years. It really is obscure and really fiddly…but, it worked.


Thank you, too…you and @chris1 came up with pretty much the same idea.


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