Can I add multiple projects from my dashboard?

They could easily “set a flag” that prevents that. They’re doing it somehow already. Why would it matter if multiple “paid” designs were combined.

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I don’t know - I’m simply baffled by it all but there must be a technical reason why it’s never been implemented despite being touched upon as much as 4 years ago as a suggestion which makes me feel the message I was recently sent in response - about it being looked into, may well have unfortunately just been a throwaway, generic comment with the intention to circumvent being blatantly dismissive of the idea!

I came here for the exact same issue so thank you so much for adding this!! I wanted to add a bunch of different earings on the 1 cut so I could position it and cut a bunch at a time. I’m wondering if it’s because they keep changing what is available under premium and if you were able to add it to your dashboard on the same sheet if when one goes away it would glitch or something? NOt sure but thanks for asking, i was losing my mind thinking there had to be a way! lol

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There is a method for this, but it is cumbersome.
Open another browser tab and logon to your Glowforge account.
Go to your Dashboard and select the design you want to “merge” to the original tab and open it. Once it is opened in the new tab, copy it.
Go back to the original tab and paste the design you just copied. It should show up with your original design. Position the “merged” image where you want it.
Be forewarned - your original file will now be changed when you close it as it will have the merged image as well. So…if you only want the original as is, you should delete any additions you have made.


I’ll give that a try - thanks for the tip!

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Thanks for the tip! Works for me.


This does not work for me. I can click copy, but when on the next tab, the “paste” stays grayed out and won’t let me paste it :frowning:

Any other ideas?

It only works for designs you have uploaded, not catalog designs. You can’t copy a catalog design between tabs.

You can copy and paste your own designs into a catalog design, that’s how you add custom artwork to catalog designs. You can also use the (+)/upload option to add to a catalog design.